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How to fix a misconfigured keyboard?

How to fix a misconfigured keyboard?

The misconfigured keyboard is a problem that affects notebooks and computers. When identifying the situation, it is natural for the user to be shocked, but the good news is that it is an easy problem to resolve.

Generally, the user himself is able to carry out the necessary reconfigurations so that the equipment returns to normal operation. Still, to help you resolve your difficulty involving a misconfigured keyboard, we have developed this article on the subject.

Continue reading and find out how to know if your keyboard is out of order, how to correct the configuration on computers and notebooks, as well as finding out about the most common types of problems. Check out!

How do you know if a keyboard is deconfigured?

The keyboard is one of the home office accessories most used. Being popular in both professional and domestic environments, it can make all the difference in your routine, contributing to productivity and well-being when using computers and notebooks.

Typically, the user notices that the keyboard is disconfiguring during use. This can happen when you touch a key and it doesn’t respond to the expected command, for example.

Before carrying out any configuration, the tip is to restart your computer. In many cases, this resolves the problem and the equipment returns to normal operation.

If you have attempted to restart your computer and were not successful, you will need to investigate further scenarios that can be the reason for the failure. We discuss each of them below.

What are the types of keyboard problems and how to solve them?

Keyboard problems can be divided into two types: configuration problems and hardware problems. First, let’s talk about configuration issues and possible solutions.

Misconfigured keyboard problems

If you type a word and the equipment does not reproduce the letters or signs it should, there may be an issue involving the settings.

Num Lock key enabled or disabled

The first tip is to check if the “num lock” key is activated. It is used to change the way the keyboard works, modifying the function of each button. On some equipment, it exchanges letters for numbers and symbols and, sometimes, the user presses this key without realizing it and ends up changing the configuration.

The problem can be resolved by pressing the key and testing the keyboard. On some computers, the key is activated and deactivated using the combination “Fn” and “Num Lock” at the same time.

Did you try this tip and couldn’t solve the problem? So, it’s time to move on to the next alternative.

Incorrect language

Have you tried checking if your keyboard is configured in another language? This is a configuration that can create difficulties in scoring and using the tool.

However, the good news is that switching keyboard languages ​​is super simple. Simply update the configuration information related to the language used. You can do this using some shortcuts, which vary depending on the computer:

Outdated drivers

As important as making a good asset control is to check the operation and update the drivers. They are software that enable communication between hardware (such as the keyboard) and the operating system.

Keeping these drivers updated allows the equipment to function properly, in addition to correcting any vulnerabilities and errors that may hinder its use. Just as important as choosing a good computer, is to always keep it updated.

If your keyboard appears to be out of order, you may be experiencing a communication issue between the hardware and the operating system. Check out how to update the drivers to try to resolve the situation:

If you have tried all the alternatives and have not been successful, it may be a sign that your computer has a virus or another similar problem.

Malware action

If your PC has malware, the keyboard may have malfunctions. Some malicious programs cause typing errors and create inconvenience for the user.

To solve it, simply scan the computer to look for possible intruders. Don’t forget to use a good antivirus and adopt good practices to protect your equipment.

Hardware problems

In many cases, the problem is not linked to a configuration. There are several situations in which damage may be related to physical issues, such as excessive dirt between the keys, problems fitting parts,USB problems that connects the keyboard to the computer, loose or stuck keys.

Generally, the user can quickly understand these issues, which can be resolved in different ways: maintenance, cleaning, replacing parts or purchasing a new keyboard.

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