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Top 10 Interior Designers In UAE

Top 10 Interior Designers

Top 10 Interior Designers In UAE: There are plenty of interior designers offering their in-house interior designing services in the UAE, finding an individual who is reliable and can provide you with your home renovation ideas may seem too challenging on this list.

However, the following list contains the best interior designers in The United Arab Emirates. You can choose any of the following interior designers to help you create the perfect home for your family in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, or other major cities.

How to Choose a Good Designer?

It’s easy to get too excited by all the different decorators out there when it comes to choosing a good designer for yourself! Before making any appointments with them, take some time to check out their portfolio, website, client reviews, and other relevant information about them.

There are many factors that you should consider before deciding whether someone fits into your budget or not. For example, you want to ensure that your interior designers offer high-quality design solutions at competitive prices.

Similarly, You also need to be sure that they offer personalized service and have experience working with clients of various backgrounds. Finally, you should be able to communicate well with them and feel comfortable talking to them about your specific needs.

These considerations will make you confident when selecting one of these top UAE interior design agencies.

Here are our recommendations for the best interior designers in the region

1) Nino De Souza Interior Design & Architecture (UAE)

This name can be found in both English as well as Arabic. It specializes in creating stunning interiors and designing beautiful spaces around every corner. They have been providing world-class interior design to families since 1999.

Being based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it offers free consultations to anyone who is looking for excellent interior design services. Their team consists of three professional architects, four interior designers, and five interior decoration consultants. Besides, they have two offices in Dubai, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi.

Aside from all those international branches, they also serve individuals from the Middle East and North Africa through its local branch in Bahrain. That is why they are number 1 on the list of best interior designers in UAE.

2) Zawawi Design

It is located in Doha, Qatar where it has gained massive popularity due to its innovative interiors which range from modern to classic to country style. Furthermore, it offers affordable designs, modern furniture, and fixtures.

Also, its interior design experts are familiar with contemporary styles and use the latest technology to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. If you are thinking of building your new house, then definitely find Zawawi Design.

Not only do they have a large selection, but you can also book their services online. Apart from design services, you can also go ahead to check their availability if your location takes place close to a certain country or city.

3) Sheer Designers

Sheer is affiliated with Burj Khalifa. Though they are known for their amazing architecture. They take pride in providing the highest quality of interior design at an affordable price point. Founded in 2006 as an architectural firm, they have evolved over the years into being the leading Interior Management Agency for residential projects.

Some of their other notable works include hotels like Hotel Ibis Al Janoubra and Grand Palm Island Resort in Mauritius.

Moreover, they also specialize in apartment suites. While still young, they believe in focusing on the most cost-effective ways to deliver an outstanding result of a design that will enhance the experiences of its residents.

As far as pricing is concerned, they work under two brands – JED and AMEX. Finding their interior design services online can add flexibility to your plans and give you the necessary freedom.

4) Azmati Interiors

As an award-winning interior design agency in Dubai. They provide customized services to clients to build and renovate homes and apartments. Moreover, they are on the list of top 10 interior designers in UAE.

Alongside creative interiors, they have also focused exclusively on improving hospitality and facilities. What sets them apart is how they combine sustainable practices with traditional aesthetics to create unforgettable spaces.

Another thing they do differently from others to stand out is their unique vision of sustainability. From using eco-friendly materials and renewable energy sources to having environmentally positive principles and green spaces, they do strive to ensure that their services meet their client’s expectations.

Whether you seek simple yet fresh design or luxurious décor, there is no dearth of things to explore and get inspired by. Find more about the best interior design companies in Dubai here.

5) H.R.A.C.H. (Interior Contractors of Excellence)

A reputable company with locations in Dubai, London, Abu Dhabi, and Cairo, this interior design organization was founded by Siraj Ahsan. Since 2008, it has had several internationally acclaimed projects to show off its skills and expertise, including The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain; Palace Square Restaurant in Dubai; Mina in Istanbul; Sheikh Saeed Bin Khaoum Convention Center in Dubai; and The National Theatre in Dubai.

Based on the motto “Do That Differently,” the brand has become one of the leading names in interior design. They pride themselves in offering exceptional customer service and delivering spectacular results every single time.

You can find their all products everywhere, inside, outside, above, below, above ground level, etc. Not only are they famous for their high-end finishes, but they also create attractive displays through sculptures.

6) One Love House Design

Known for its exquisite interior design, this project management company handles various types of construction to complete projects even before they move into production.

Additionally, they handle the entire installation process and interior design from scratch or bring in external contractors depending on the client’s demands. Through its extensive network, One Love House plans to develop long-term relationships with each potential client who wants to enjoy luxury, comfort, and convenience.

Working collaboratively with internal teams, it creates stunning interiors while ensuring peace, safety, security, and efficiency when constructing or renovating properties. Once completed, its customers can enjoy a variety of features in their newly remodeled homes, some of which they may have never considered before.

7) Fazal & Associates

Founded in 2003, Fazal and Partners specialize in developing high-end residential homes. From office spaces to townhouses, villas, and penthouses, it is a global leader in transforming people’s lives and creating beautiful environments.

An award-winning design studio, they have collaborated with prestigious corporate organizations such as Ferrari World Design Centre, Bentley Systems, and American Express to develop and introduce distinctive designs for diverse industries.

Aside from residential development, their main focus is the creation of magnificent interiors for business, academic or governmental institutions. And since 2007, they developed integrated platforms.

All of the projects they have implemented have shown promise and are worth checking out. In addition, their team comprises four experienced interior designers who are dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful environment and live your dream. Try browsing their current catalog and contact them now.

8) P.A.B.K

P.A.B.K. is another reputed UAE interior design company that is loved for its great attention to detail and professionalism. Having earned more than 10 international awards for their exemplary work, everything they provide was created by experts.

Currently ranked fourth on this list of best interior designers in the region, they have provided services around the world. From buildings to resorts to hotels, they provide architectural services and design rooms for commercial spaces.

Their efforts, skill, and creativity are loyal completely to satisfying customers. So be ready to let P.A.B.K. do all that they promise because they don’t disappoint. When you have hired them to work on your property, you know you are getting precisely what you deserve.

9) Istifar Interiors

As an independent provider of interior design services, they are well-known for their dedication to innovation and excellence. Over the past 10 years, this department has built multiple projects including residential, hotels, shopping malls, healthcare, and education sector.

After receiving numerous accolades across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the US. Istifar Interiors aims to reach more people through its effective communication channels. Its signature method of presenting designs is known as a model interior, which shows users how their design process goes down.

Creating a sense of belonging is the driving force behind any kind of project and thus, Istifar brings together clients who want to feel proud and engaged by sharing their dreams with them.

Therefore, do not worry about spending a fortune on expensive and luxurious pieces. Instead, pick them according to their lifestyle and preferences to fit your home perfectly and satisfy your tastes. Check out their wide variety and view their collections here.

10) OMAK

Omak (also named after the Islamic faith of happiness) was established in 1984. The company has grown to be the leading interior solutions group in the UK for over 20 years.

Even though initially known for designing bespoke interiors. It soon started specializing in creating custom spaces along with creating interiors for educational, health, and cultural projects. Their employees come up with fantastic designs that are highly appealing and adaptable.

Do not waste your money just because of their generic logo. However, pay attention to their quality and attention to detail. It would greatly improve your decision regarding buying interior space after all. Explore an array of options based on your budget and preferences on Omak’s site.

11) T2 Projects

T2 Projects began in 1998 as a small consulting firm. Currently, it boasts of having nine offices worldwide with 1,000 staff members in total.

Each one aims towards meeting the demands of maximum clients and earning profits. In the same way, the T2 projects team aim towards producing the finest home designs around the globe. Aside from regular assignments, it provides.

Note: The images in this article do not belong to any interior designers in the current article.

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