DMCA | ITShytee DMCA Policy For Users: We do follow DMCA rules and regulations. Our website is in accordance with DMCA rules. All the content on our website is not copyrighted. We also know it is not legal to copy someone’s content which is against Google’s policy.

Google is the best search engine and website follows GOOGLE’s policies and rules very carefully.

We do not copy and do not let anybody copy our content material. Necessary action will be taken against those who copy our material under DMCA rules & Regulations.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is the Rule and law which is made to prevent the copy of the content and an article from the other website. The rules of google must be read. When you find a copy of your content on their website then you can complain to Google by the Rule of DMCA.

DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification

We do not allow anybody to post copyrighted material on our website that is against laws and orders.

In case, somebody has posted your material on our website. We are legally bound to remove your content. But how do we know this is your content?

You should write a detailed notice to us and send us an email at this address: . You can also submit your request by filling out our Contact Us Form.

If anybody wants to send a DMCA notification. Then they must keep the following points in their mind before they write a DMCA notification.

  1. When you feel all articles are copied from your webpage then you can request/submit direct complaints to google. If in your data some and few words are matched then you can not complain to google.
  2. If you feel some data is copied then you can contact the website owner and send the notice to that website via Email or by personal mobile number if provided by the website owner. In case, the website does not give you a response by informing you again and again. If they do not remove your copy-written data from his webpage then you can send the request to Google for removing data.
  3. It is necessary that the person must be the owner of a website that is complaining about an article.
  4. You should write your details on the letterhead of the company with the original stamp & signature.


We may use the link of other websites. When you visit our webpage if you click the link of other websites ( which are present on our web page) then, You will be entered into another webpage.

We are not responsible for you and the third party. We are only responsible for our web page not for other privacy.

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