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360-degree marketing: what is it, advantages and how to apply it to your business?

360-degree marketing: The name already gives an idea of ​​what’s behind it. 360-degree marketing is more comprehensive than traditional customer attraction, conversion, and customer loyalty strategy, as it involves the use of different media and communication channels to reach the target audience.

In practice, to be considered a type of marketing of this model, it must be present throughout the customer journey, through different channels. This enables greater interaction between the public and the brand and, therefore, increases the chances of more sales.

One of the advantages of this strategy is precisely this: being able to reach a greater number of customers and, therefore, generating more opportunities to close good deals.

What would be the other benefits? How to implement this type of marketing in your company? Now continue reading this article and check it out!

What is 360-degree marketing?

360-degree marketing is an approach used to capture and retain customers, which uses all available resources to promote this more comprehensive communication.

For example, in a strategy of this type, a company can use resources such as:

  • production of blog content focused on SEO;
  • sending email marketing ;
  • paid advertisements;
  • social media nutrition;
  • print and television campaigns, among other resources.

But, pay attention! Even if the brand becomes present on channels on and off the internet, it is very important to maintain the same language at all these points of interaction.

The main reason is that the definition of your ideal customer has already been made, and it will only change if the company starts to explore other audiences, do you agree? Therefore, you need to maintain a consistent language, adapting it to the format of the media that will be used.

Which areas are part of 360º marketing?

To structure a marketing strategy as comprehensive as this, it is essential that other areas of the company are also involved.

This participation is necessary because this approach involves all phases of the customer journey. Therefore, it goes beyond just including the marketing team.

The sales team, for example, can bring information about the main doubts and desires of potential customers and, with this, provide tools for the creative area to create pieces that help solve these pain points.

The customer service sector can participate in the same way, reporting the positive points of the brand that can be highlighted in the media, and negative points that need to be worked on to increase the level of consumer satisfaction.

IT becomes essential for collecting and analyzing data, which helps to gather important information, such as the current purchasing behavior of customers, generating grounded insights that contribute to improving the interaction between the public and the brand.

What are the advantages of a 360º marketing strategy?

Do you believe that a wide plan like this can only produce several benefits? Among the most noteworthy are the ones listed below:

  • increasing the company’s power of attraction and loyalty: as it will be present on different channels, thus reaching a larger audience;
  • establishing a closer relationship with consumers: by being in different media, giving them varied interaction options;
  • strengthening the brand: which will become more present and active in the market;
  • achieving a competitive advantage: which will help the business stand out from its competitors.

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How to implement this concept in your company?

With all this in mind, the only thing left to do is know how to implement a 360-degree marketing strategy in your company, right?

To do this, the suggested steps you should take are:

  • define your goals;
  • choose the means of communication;
  • keep the customer journey in focus;
  • identify the preferences of your target audience;
  • constantly monitor the results.

Define your goals

Why have you chosen to employ this particular tactic? The first question that requires a response is this one. Ultimately, “shooting everywhere” makes it challenging to hit the objective.

So, start by identifying the reasons. Why do you want to use this more comprehensive marketing format? For example, is it to attract customers, or to retain those who are already in your base?

Remember that this approach can be used for both of these moments. What we want to highlight here is the importance of clearly defining which one it is. This is essential to create the right advertising pieces for each stage of the customer journey.

Choose the means of communication

As broad as this marketing model is, you don’t necessarily need to be in all existing media outlets.

The best way to choose which one to use is by considering the ones that are most used by your buyer persona.

By identifying your favorite media, the chances of reaching the audience you want increase, and you don’t waste time or money on approaches that won’t bring you a return.

Keep the customer journey in focus

Focusing on the customer’s journey is essential for this type of strategy to produce results. The idea here is to create content, advertisements, and interactions compatible with the consumer’s current situation.

This way, your doubts and questions are answered, encouraging. You to move forward on this path towards the purchasing decision.

Identifying your target audience’s preferences

In addition to basic identifications such as gender, age, interests, and other information that supports the construction of a persona, for this strategy to work you also need to analyze which content formats your audience prefers to consume.

For example, several social media allow text posts, but also video. The question that remains is: which of these catches the most customers’ attention, increasing the chance of being seen, read, and receiving interactions?

Constantly monitor results

With everything defined and properly implemented, it is essential that you closely and periodically monitor the results.

The numbers generated by your marketing actions will indicate. What is working and what should improve to generate more sales?

There are several indicators that can help with this measurement, such as conversion rate and customer acquisition cost.



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