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6 types of email marketing to generate more results

Email Marketing: It’s common to see business owners wondering: does email marketing still work? The answer is quite simple: this feature follows the lead through all stages of the sales funnel. Therefore, using different types of email marketing is essential.

So, if you are asking yourself this question, our invitation is for you to change the question to:

  • What types of messages work?
  • How should they be prepared?
  • What are its effects?
  • In what context should I use each one?

This is yet another case in which the result depends much more on “how to do it” than “what to do”.

So, let’s check out the six types of email marketing (with examples!) that we have selected for you!

Types of email marketing for companies

1. Newsletter

Imagine a supplier with whom you negotiated and ended up not closing a deal. After some time, he makes a new contact seeking to reactivate the negotiation. Maybe you don’t even remember him.

If instead, he asked to include you on the newsletter list and sent you relevant, high-quality content, that same contact would be completely different.

This is just one example related to a function of this type of email marketing, which can help you in different situations whenever the objective is to maintain constant contact with a potential customer — even suppliers and your internal team.

To achieve a good result, it is essential to have a tool that allows you to monitor some indicators, such as the opening and click rate. But more important than that is the identification of who clicked on which link.

2. Promotional email

A promotional mkt email is a means of promoting an offer, regardless of a discount — which is usually linked to the meaning we give to the term “promotion”.

This could be the case where you have the objective of promoting free content, a product that you want to prioritize, or an event, for example.

Therefore, the key in this case is to segment the content according to the lead’s profile and purchase stage, as in all types of email marketing.

However, in this case, considering that the main objective of this action is conversion. By following the right steps, this is a powerful digital marketing tool.

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3. Seasonal Email

Seasonal email is a type of email marketing sent on special dates (Christmas, for example) to make your leads and customers feel remembered. It’s a great action to strengthen the brand and get closer to them.

In this case, give preference to short texts and visual devices. Furthermore, creativity in its preparation is definitive for the result. This is because you need to capture the reader’s attention and generate a positive impact.

4. Welcome email

The welcome email is the type of marketing email that a person receives when they provide their details and become a lead. It may seem unimportant and, depending on the format, end up sounding like a formal protocol.

But when it reinforces a good experience for your audience, it plays a fundamental role in the evolution of your leads in the customer journey.

With this action, you are informing that the previous process went well and you have the opportunity to make the lead feel truly welcome.

Consider that it is not enough for potential customers to access your base, they need to return. When you provide the right stimuli, you naturally increase the chances of him moving forward in the process.

After all, that is the main objective of nurturing your leads: to make them progress on the purchasing journey.

5. Email Inactive Customers

The key points of the messages sent to inactive customers in this type of email marketing are the right information, at the right time, at the ideal frequency, and for valid emails.

The engagement of inactive customers depends a lot on the reasons that put them in this condition and treating them differently according to the most common cases can help a lot with the results.

For example, many types of services (such as consulting and software development) may be necessary during one period and unnecessary during others.

In cases where the customer has become inactive for this reason, content related to the solution offered by the provider tends to arouse less interest.

Therefore, they will not help keep this customer close until he needs to negotiate again.

6. Email for e-commerce

This is a type of email marketing in which personalization is more significant in terms of results and in which it is necessary to be even more attentive to the deliverability of messages.

E-commerce companies usually have a varied and numerous product line. Furthermore, competition is active in digital communication.

Therefore, sending mkt emails with generic offers has little chance of results, and, repeated actions of this nature, tend to tarnish the brand’s reputation. In some cases, it can even cause aversion.

Most companies in the sector know this and strive to combine the access data of each lead and customer in order to send offers related to the identified preferences. However, this is not usually an easy or perfectly executed task.

This is because it is not easy to achieve accurate identification of preferences. They can change from one week to the next for several reasons.

Therefore, it is important to carry out constant tests on the subject, content, layout, sending time, and delivery frequency.

In this way, continually improve the method used to combine this data and transform it into useful information.



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