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Best Football Academies in UAE

Best football academies in UAE: It’s important to remember one academy by name! For a long time, you may have heard about some great football academies like Manchester United and Chelsea academy that train young players at different levels.

But today there are plenty of other academies available, and they are pretty much offering almost all kinds of services for their students to enhance their game in various sports so that they can play professional soccer in upcoming years!

Some academies like Liverpool Liverpool academy and Leeds academy as well provide more advanced training and coaching services for their students.

On the contrary, many others academies offer full-fledged technical education for young boys & girls. They also help them with personal development plans to get better playing skills. Here in this blog, we will discuss “One Best Football Academy In UAE” and its complete details.

We hope you liked our post about these five top football academies for young people in UAE. There are no fees, registration fees, or any bookings needed. You need to check their credentials and then start your dream journey with them.

Football is very popular In UAE

Football has become very popular in many countries including UAE & its youth population. Many coaches are working hard to develop skilled soccer players to provide a competitive atmosphere among many youth teams.

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These days academies & clubs usually partner up together to organize special tournaments such as AFC Champions League (UAE), FIFA World Cup (Indonesia), etc which provides an excellent opportunity to select talented talent from various age groups.

Apart from tournaments, club scouts & scouts also join academies to scout talents. A well-known soccer club, Arsenal & Chelsea academies as well offer exclusive opportunities to young aspiring players.

Available club scouts

The list of club scouts & scouts available here includes Ajax Amsterdam, RB Leipzig, FC Bayern Munich, Barcelona, AC Milan, Bordeaux, Sassuolo, Inter Milan, Paris Saint Germain, AS Roma, Valencia, Wolves, Sevilla, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United.

In terms of international competition, an absolute powerhouse is Real Madrid which is on a winning path in every tournament.

The latest news about the Spanish giants is that they are looking forward to fresh faces coming through academies to take their spots in the world cup, which makes us glad to watch youths with exceptional skills and potential preparing to represent their country in future tournaments.

As a result, lots of clubs like Man City look forwards to developing young talents which was made possible by big names like Ralf Rangnick and Pep Guardiola joining real Madrid as high-ups along with experienced managers.

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It is difficult to find the right one since they come from local colleges and universities however, everything must be according to plan.

At present, the team of Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski is on the verge of signing mega deals as both are going to sign huge contracts and will be joining forces for the next 10-15 years. If he continues his career under Pep Guardiola they will win trophies at home & abroad.

Europe’s all leading teams are working hard to attract excellent young players to improve their prospects of winning international competitions.

Furthermore, with numerous transfers conducted in recent years, academies now pose serious opposition to some top-tier teams. Let’s learn more about prominent academies and their significance!


AFC LEIPZENCHE in UAE is one of the most popular academies for children in Australia. This club has been established in 2006 and gives gifted young players rare opportunities to participate in UEFA college games, train for senior national teams, produce outstanding results at the collegiate level, and enhance their capacity to develop a consistent work ethic & teamwork spirit in professional settings.

It has always been very successful in providing good facilities to its players; its headquarters are located just outside Melbourne, Victoria. Now, their main focus is mainly on developing professional players as well as building a strong foundation for the highly talented players of tomorrow.

If you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you, according to their beliefs. Even if a player fails in junior leagues, you may not know what will happen to him on the first team, so make sure your child knows how to handle failure in life.

After completing secondary school at Fort Knox, AFC LEIPZENCHE plays in National Junior Tournament before progressing to National Premier League where they gain experience, build their ability, learn from the best players and build an impressive resume.

Then when the season gets over they join the Elite Division competing for prestigious titles such as Euro 2008, German Super cup, English Premier League, and Australian Premiership.

They recently won a double European Championship in 2018/19 and FA Community Shield 2019 / 2020. Another reason why this club is said to be particularly valuable is because of their outstanding performance when they face off against elite opposition sides.

John Gatt the owner of AFC LEIPZENCHE 

The owner of AFC LEIPZENCHE, John Gatt, is regarded as a leading figure in sport management. He worked closely with some internationally acclaimed sporting stars like Michael Owen, Jurgen Klopp of Germany, Ronaldinho, David Beckham, and Ruud van Nistelrooy’s prestigious management career.

His passion for the game, especially the development of young talents, led him to invest heavily in the transfer market, particularly to strengthen existing teams rather than create new ones.

He began purchasing property in London shortly after becoming chairman in 2015 and soon became involved in business planning and management. Although a massive amount of Gatt’s assets are owned jointly with investors, he does not own the shares of companies he manages in specific cases.


As far as football, in general, is concerned, FIFA World Cup is a premier global championship that offers immense opportunities to aspiring soccer players around the globe.

However, many amateur squads have no permission to compete at the highest level due to a lack of funding and motivation which forces them to give up their dreams of participating in this stage, of the game.

And unfortunately, even with proper financial backing, many talented teenagers become unsuccessful at the early stages of their careers since coaches do not give them enough support to grow into successful and top professionals.

This happens when youngsters do not get enough exposure to professional sports and feel like they have to depend completely on family & friends for basic needs.

FIFA has created numerous training programs for footballers

To ensure that things change, FIFA has created numerous training programs for footballers across the globe including Socceroos’ which focus majorly on improving physical skills.

Also, many academies provide intensive training programs to polish the skills of young footballers of all kinds during regular practice sessions and competitions.

One such academy is FIFA Academy Camp with its worldwide curriculum offers extensive academic support to its participants in many fields, including English & French language proficiency tests, specialized reading classes, computer programming exercises including online courses, fitness tests, etc.

This academy aims to create a platform where individuals can develop professionally and show true dedication. Along with its academic support, they also provide training facilities to ensure maximum success by taking care of health, nutrition, and physical activity which ensures that each trainee feels supported and motivated throughout their entire program.


Another exceptional Academy providing advanced training is BRAVEY CAPITAL. Established in 2014 under former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, BRAVEY CAPITAL helps international footballers develop technical expertise, leadership, and critical thinking skills while learning fundamental techniques required to succeed in modern-day professional football.

This organization primarily trains young players on key tactical concepts, decision-making abilities, and teamwork which helps them quickly establish themselves in the world of professional soccer and bring out superior performances in matches.

BRAVEY CAPITAL delivers intensive practical training sessions with emphasis placed on hands-on skills development to keep athletes in peak form through interactive training modules and drills.

Each year, BRAVEY CAPITAL selects nearly 100 footballers from around the world in a single season who proceed to receive specialized coaching to refine their technical and tactical knowledge in preparation for games.

Once again, BRAVEY CAPITAL takes pride in delivering excellent training and academics, which provide its learners with an unmatched opportunity to excel academically and gain invaluable insights into the professional soccer industry.


BRAVEY CAPITAL has developed a revolutionary system referred to as BRISKET, a groundbreaking multi-dimensional approach created through research and experimentation.

Through this method, BRAVEY CAPITAL recruits talented players of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.

BRAVEY CAPITAL uses data collected from interviews with past players and their parents, allowing the organization to build a solid profile of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within its clients.

Members of BRAVEY CAPITAL can identify their specific weaknesses like quantitatively and qualitatively thanks to the company’s own software, BRISKET.

By identifying specific areas where athletes have struggled in previous seasons, BRAVEY CAPITAL assists them in preparing and refining their game by customizing individualized goals and objectives that they can pursue to reach their highest possible potential.

This gives them an advantage over non-programmed athletes whose only chance to develop is through intense training and rigorous matches.

Instead of simply aiming at reaching the limit of their capabilities, BRAVEY CAPITAL strives to provide customized approaches to their users to ultimately make them the greatest versions of themselves, regardless of the situation. Thus, BRAVEY CAPITAL believes in focusing solely on individual excellence.



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