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Does technology make us more alone?

Technology has kept us fully aware of each other, but at the same time, it has also distanced us from each other. Every person has been hypnotized by technology differently.

It is not just enjoyment but has become a habit of people due to which they have not only reduced the meetings to a certain extent but almost removed them from their lives.

But its unbalanced use has made people feel isolated and depressed, have low self-esteem, have anxiety, and increase mortality rates.

Advantages of technology

• We are well aware it’s very important to have communication with our beloved ones to maintain us all together. All these are only possible due to technological advancements which are continued improvements.

Making new friends, and following people from all over the world from many social media sites is possible and easy through these technological miracles.

• Technology makes us communicate with our distant relatives and even celebrities. We have many devices to make calls, messages, and even video calling. All this is possible because of new technological developments.

technology usage in our daily life ITShytee

• As people grow older, they might lose or have weak social contact with family and friends because of moving or involvement in new interests.

There is no doubt that technology provides an opportunity for interaction, minimizing loneliness and isolation, especially for people who can stay in touch with others.

• In the times of the pandemic communication was more vital than ever when the virus was at its worst. We texted, talked on the phone, and zoomed in to connect with our family and friends.

• Even we were forced to do our shopping and had online medical appointments. All of our “happy time” was completely online which was unique to most of us. Technology rescue was supplied through technology.

advantages of technology in our daily life ITShytee

• But for those who were not familiar with technology, it became difficult to stay in contact with loved ones in in-person meetings. Social media was a relief in times of complete isolation.

Since those difficult times, it was very difficult and people have been hesitant to re-emerge and re-engage in the usual life. So far people were unbearable.

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Disadvantages of technology

Even though it’s a digital and connected era. Still, it’s very important to enjoy the things in our natural neighborhood. We should spend special time with our families. Or go on trips with our friends and relatives to make the connections much more active and better.

We are very thankful to technology for bringing us to a close every time, but the most problem is that the young generation is completely lost in the world of technology.

• We can have many medical issues like eye pain and headaches by addictions to these small screens and it may cause increasing the probability of laziness.

• We could spend our time arranging activities in which we are capable of participating to avoid such laziness and loneliness by restricting how many hours we spend using these technologies.

The choice is whether we want to remain connected and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology or want to remain in isolation, separate from the external world.

What impact can social isolation have on teenagers?

Research shows that anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses can be reduced by verbal exchanges and in-person interactions as compared to social engagement. The benefit of social media interactions is not as effective.

Youth who already suffer social isolation may be more tired of social media. And more mentally sensitive and aware of its harms. They can easily understand how much social meetups are important to mental relaxation.

Online usage that isn’t appropriate can cause:

Increased mortality rates:

According to University research, children and teenagers who feel mentally alone have a higher percentage of death.


Teenagers (and adults) are unfocused from being mentally present at the moment of the constant interruptions from beeps and notifications from their social media accounts which keeps them addicted to usage.

Social comparison:

According to experts, the risk of negative thinking and unjust social comparisons can be increased by frequent Facebook.

Sleeplessness, stress, depression, and lack of self:

A University researched the potential effects of youth technology use at night on their sleep, anxiety, sadness, and sense of self. The result showed that the use of social media at night increased the rates of anxiety.

Poor grades:

A cause of poor grades of lack of sleep.

According to the Cigna study’s findings, to remove the negative effects of loneliness real, face-to-face interactions are very important for people.

The more time that we give to using technology. Whether it’s at home or work, to communicate, perform daily tasks, and perform our jobs. The less time we have to spend being together with our friends, family, and colleagues.

Does technology make us more alone?

According to many surveys, data may very slightly different from one another. But overall the analysis shows that the use of social media, in particular, has exploded in recent years and now we are dependent on technology.

An estimated time of 2 hours and 22 minutes each day on social media and chat Digital consumers spend daily.

Communication is always a fundamental need for Humans. With the increase in our technological growth. We have replaced the basic need for social contact with a digital social connection.

According to a study, 60% of college students confess to having a phone habit. So we can say that this problem is even more popular among students. As we know that college students are some of the busiest people in society right now.

This could be an issue while managing a busy work schedule. It’s very useful to make quick and simple connections to meet basic human needs.


If we set a time limit for just using social media. It will be very beneficial for our mental, physical, and social health.

If you want to lower anxiety chances, rather than utilize the phone, email, and texting more regularly. Talking to real people and having face-to-face discussions can be more helpful.



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