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Top 10 Sports in the World

Top 10 Sports in the World: Sports are essential and must have been part of almost every person. Sports are enjoyment and entertainment for all of us and a tool for economic recovery and growth. These had contributed a lot to generating revenues in many developed countries.

The popularity of this is growing rapidly across the globe.

We can say sports are like threads that are binding the whole world together. Every region’s people have their favorite preferences. They have also their heroes. They follow them and also have an emotional attachment.

It’s very hard to find the most popular sport across the world but here we have some that are very popular and participated.

Top 10 Famous Sports in the World

1. Soccer/Football

This game was invented by the Aztecs about 3000 years ago, and they were the first ones to play this game. They called it Tchatali and were using a rock as a ball. With time, it transformed into its present form.

It grew and expand in popularity not only in Europe but also in other areas of the world. And now it is the most popular and favorite game with 3.5 billion fans.

A global survey was conducted by the sport’s governing body FIFA, It is estimated that 265 million people all over the world, 4% of the world’s population play the sport.

2. Cricket

After football, cricket is the second most popular and fantastic game and has a massive audience of about 2.5 billion from all over the World. India, Pakistan, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

This game is always exciting for both beginners as well as experts. The ICC (international cricket council), organizes The ICC Cricket World Cup, the biggest tournament every four years. The interest is different from region to region.

A reason that makes cricket exciting, is the running of batsmen between the runways while Boller spins the balls quickly.

3. Field Hockey

Both men and women from 100 countries throughout five continents love to play this fast and quick sport. It is one of the big favorites in the Olympics and involved skilled players very technically. It is played by 10 outfield players and one goalkeeper with some particular rules.

Many brands are interested in acquiring sponsorship contracts with men’s and women’s teams and pay special attention to the competitions.

This sport is very famous all over the World but in some countries from the US like Canada, and Northern Europe, it’s especially popular. Furthermore, from all over the World, about 2 billion people have devoted hockey fans and love the National Hockey League. (NHL).

4. Tennis

Tennis is one of the oldest and most well-known sports among the top listed sports all over the world. It has its beginning at the start of the 14th century and now it is the fourth most popular sport with around 1 billion fans. Throwing a long-handed object helps in both psychological and cognitive aspects.


Tennis has around 60 million men and women players throughout the world.
According to a list topped sports, it is recognized as the game with the most attention and interest.

5. Volleyball

Having more than 900 million fans across the World, volleyball is one of the most popular sports. This game has a fan base, especially from South and North America, Western Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Volleyball is currently rising and has an extremely high fan base in the modern world among both genders, but it has less TV coverage as compared to other well-known sports.

Moreover, this game was started in America, and now around 998 million people are amazing participants in it. Games include indoor as well as outdoor.

“FIVB” (The Federation International de Volleyball) is the sport’s international regulatory body now has more than 220 associated national governing bodies registered.

6. Basketball

From all over the World, approximately 825 million basketball people are fans of this game. It is a quick-paced sport played between two teams.

Many interesting facts make it fun for people. A ball and a goal are required to play this game. Similarly, this is difficult to get experienced in it but it is very simple for newcomers to get started.

Basketball has also the fact that many companies are interested to get deals of millions of dollars for sponsorship with top players.

7. Baseball

Baseball has become a reason for enjoyment for people of all ages from any field. It has become a favorite for the ideal physical competition.

Whether you are starting to see baseball or you are a fan from a very early time, you can enjoy it by knowing a little bit about this game. It is a simple game with some basic rules to understand it.

It is played between two teams. One player has to hit the ball thrown by the other team’s player and has to make runs against their opponent by running with a specific amount of bases.

8. Table Tennis

Easy to learn and its simple basic rules are the reasons that it makes it attractive and enjoyable for people. It is a game in which there are no age recommendations for players.

Just you have to take the paddle, hit the ball toward your opponent, and let the game begin. You don’t have to be experienced to enjoy it. Whether you are a beginner you can have fun in this game.

9. Golf

This game has about 450 million fans from all over the World. Regions like Asia, America, and Europe where it is more frequently played.

In this game, we have a hole as a goal, and players have to put the ball with minimum shots. This game is well known for its grace and particular moves. Many famous brands are interested to fund this game worldwide.

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10. Rugby

Rugby is a game that requires strength and power, which makes it very hard as well as exciting and challenging. Moreover, the most important thing is you have to focus on your abilities and skills if you are just starting the journey.

You must know about the basic rules and instructions. Find an academy and start getting training from the best inspirational coaches.

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