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US and China Talks: Dialogue Between the US and China on AI Weaponry

US and China Talks on AI Weapons

US and China Talks: US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are set to discuss various issues during their meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Israel-Hamas conflict and Russia-Ukraine conflict.

APEC Summit 2023

However, behind the scenes at the APEC summit, there is hope for a dialogue between the two countries regarding the military use of artificial intelligence (AI).

US officials aim to engage China in conversations about establishing safeguards for the military application of AI to mitigate potential risks associated with its rapid adoption and irresponsible use.

The US has expressed a collective interest in reducing risks related to the deployment of unreliable AI applications, particularly concerning unintended escalation.

Global rules for military AI |US and China Talks

The meeting between Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping might result in further discussions on military issues, particularly in the areas of regulating weapons and preventing their proliferation. The US is leading efforts to create global rules for military AI.

Vice President Kamala Harris shared that 30 countries backed a declaration supporting the responsible development of AI following international laws, focusing on making it trustworthy, transparent, and less biased.

The US is actively encouraging other nations to join the declaration, which has now been signed by 45 countries. The goal is to advance international norms for the responsible military use of AI, foster a shared understanding, and create a platform for states to exchange best practices.

AI making the relationship between World Leaders

As the United States, China, and the European Union establish guidelines for artificial intelligence (AI), the utilization of AI in the military has emerged as a significant concern in the relationship between the United States and China.

Leaders believe AI is crucial for gaining an advantage, so the US is restricting China’s access to advanced technology to slow down its military AI progress.

However, the adoption of AI in the military also raises concerns about potential risks, such as increased mistrust between adversaries or the possibility of malfunctioning systems triggering hostilities.

Efforts to ban lethal autonomous weapons have faced challenges, but a new resolution announced this month may provide momentum for restrictions in the future.


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