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What is chat GPT? How it can affect human life?

What is chat GPT? Let’s dig deep into it, what it is and how it works.

On November 30, 2022, ChatGPT was proposed as a prototype. It quickly comes first in popularity for its detailed, simple, and relevant responses to a wide range of topics.

One key problem noted was to be its unequal historical accuracy. Open AI was priced it $29 billion after Chat GPT’s release. Nevertheless, Chat GPT is the most popular and perfect example of Artificial Intelligence. We still don’t know how it can affect human life, it could affect both positive and negative ways. So, let’s continue and see how powerful it is.

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or Chat GPT, is reportedly so excellent and efficient that those analyzing its written output cannot differentiate it from human beings. We can also say that this is beyond simply being a chatbot.

Who developed Chat GPT?

Chat GPT was developed by Open AI. It is a language model that uses neural networks. It is a special version of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model. This development is made for generating interactive and related content on topics requested by the users.

The solution or content chat GPT gives to a particular request seems human-like. In this model, a large dataset of conversational text is trained to make it capable of giving solutions. They use data from different sources including online conversations and transcripts of customer service calls.

Among many important features, one of them is the capability of Chat GPT to create useful and relevant responses. Its flexibility regarding conversation topics is another important feature.

As a result, the model’s capability can be defined as understanding the content of a discussion and creating responses about the problem at hand.

For example, if a user requests the model how is the current weather? The model will answer with the present weather updates. Similarly, you can ask it about any topic related to any field.

Input and output in Chat GPT

The inputs and outputs that Chat GPT can handle include Textual, images, and even audio. As a result, it’s proved that this methodology can be widely used in a number of applications, like bots, virtual agents, and translator services.

All the data provided by this model is relatable and we can use that data in many situations like customer service, knowledge discovery, and language translation as on a wide dataset, this model is trained.

Chat GPT is a product of the Open AI research center. It generates both excitement and fear at about equal extant. Some experts and other self-styled universe masters are also among the most excited ones. But with excitement, they identified a smell of making money opportunity from so-called “generative AI,” and this is believed to be on the edge of a breakthrough in 2023.

Fear and dislikes

People who rely on any of those things for their income and resources are among the most fearful. Not just writers are affected by this invention but also reporters or professors are affected.

Just In the telecommunications industry, an AI with writing skills on a level with a good and smart person can affect his position. Chat GPT is also the same risk to any person whose job is writing mainly, meanwhile if we see at the other hand, a lot of writers can take a lot of benefits using Chat GPT.

When opposing people say that technology would make us useless and dull as well, supporters of AI usually use Industrial Growth. Widespread unemployment is not caused by increased automation. But technology has provided millions of people with jobs.

Even if it did ruin or affect some livelihoods, the result will be in the form of enhanced living standards and this provides us a net benefit.

This has also been done before. When computers were first introduced in the workplace, administration workers did not leave or say no to using them.

No guarantee

We cannot say that something that happened in the past can happen again.

Without any doubt, People are forced to carry out tasks that cannot be performed by machines only by rising levels of automation and technology. This helps us to explain why people are shifting from factories to offices.

Why the youth of today is more attentive toward education and enrolled in more universities? Knowledge was always rewarded over power when machines were dumb.


Human flexibility cannot match with any computer. Just like Reporters, they cannot just spit out stories with some signals and little information.

They gather their information by talking with experts, following up with leads, and going over to briefings.

A business plan developed must be executed by the executive who wrote it. We can have more time for action while wasting little time on writing.

If company workers are maintained and paid the same salary, owners will expect different outcomes like higher efficiency or increased sales from their investment in AI.


Like everything, ChatGPT has also several drawbacks and limitations. According to Open AI ChatGPT sometimes gives believable but incorrect or incomprehensible answers.

This behavior is called a hallucination. Hallucination is characteristic of big Language models. The human monitoring and supervision incentive model of ChatGPT maybe works on its own will, which can lower efficiency and effectiveness.

ChatGPT only has the data and information on events that took place after 2021. According to the BBC, after the end of December 2022, ChatGPT will no longer be able to express political beliefs or participate in political activity. Yet, research shows that when ChatGPT is asked to express an opinion on political statements from two well-known voting advice tools.

Implication for education

In The Atlantic magazine, Stephen Marche said that it is yet to understand how it will affect school environments, especially application essays.

ChatGPT is a highly open threat to the education system. They can utilize it for their writing. Students will not be able to adjust how to enhance their ability to think critically or logically.

chat gpt

In an article for NPR, Emma Bowman addressed the risk of students committing copyrighting when they use an AI tool that will produce unstable or incorrect material in a commanding voice.

There are still many situations and environments in which you can ask it a question and it will reply with a very unique and outstanding but the answer will be incorrect.

Read More About Chat GPT on Wikipedia Here.



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