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What is social change in daily life?

Social change: in daily life is all around us. It consists of how individuals communicate with one another, express their thoughts, and go about their daily lives.

It is important to understand the concept of social change so we can better understand our place in the world and how we can help shape the future.

At its most basic level, social change is the procedure by which society is changed by people acting in concert. It is about pushing for progress and making improvements in our lives. It can be subtle, like a shift in attitudes, or more dramatic, like a policy change. Moreover, it can be something small like a protest, or something much bigger like a revolution.

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Social change can have a big impact on our daily lives, from the way we interact with each other to the way we make decisions.

For example, if there’s a policy change that affects how people can access healthcare, it could have a huge impact on the way people access healthcare services.

Similarly, if there’s a shift in attitudes towards a particular issue, it could bring a change in how people think and act.

Social change is also about understanding how society works and how it can be changed. It is about taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture. It is about using our collective power to bring about positive change.

Social change is relevant to everyone, regardless of age. Whether you are six years old or forty, you have the power to make a difference.

You can start by getting involved in your local community and advocating for the causes you believe in. You can challenge stereotypes and fight for justice. Similarly, you can also use your voice to spread awareness and make change happen.

No matter what age you are, understanding and engaging in social change is a powerful way to make a positive impact.

Well with the proper mindset and strategy, you can help shape the future and create a better tomorrow. It is difficult to define social change because it is highly subjective.

However, I can say that social change begins with us as individuals when a certain action or reaction triggers our desire.

These actions and reactions can be physical (looking for food, washing clothes), mental (reading, watching television, etc.), or even emotional (thinking about death and dying).

The way we act and react are our first steps in social change

Nowadays, People are frequently swayed by media, such as online news and videos, which sometimes leads to incorrect social change.

Moreover, today there are many different opinions about each other, which can result in misunderstandings and conflict between individuals.

Therefore, my opinion on this topic is that society has moved too far from recognizing and accepting social change.

Why would somebody want to accept social change?

One question that arises is what exactly makes an individual decide to do something.

The answer lies in our emotions. Whether we think we are rational, most of the time we are only processing information and not forming any judgments.

So when you come across someone very angry or sad, your first instinct is to judge or try to fix them. Because they have upset you so much, how could you be any further in trying to resolve this situation?

This makes people become less rational instead of accepting social change because they believe their emotions control them.

That is why people are now more comfortable accepting social change rather than being rational in this matter.

Moreover, as one grows up, he acquires various experiences through his/her life and learns about human beings.

Once you acquire more knowledge about humanity and its fundamental norms you start realizing how to behave toward other humans.

Eventually, you understand that social change is inevitable. When you have learned about these things, you are less afraid of accepting social change because you know there is no permanent solution for anything in life and everyone is going to die eventually.

How social life could be batter with social changes

I firmly believe that approval of social changes will help us to come in the future to create a better society. People are generally irrational.

They look around us and say our world is perfect but, they have never been in it. If you know them then you will realize that they will always complain about some aspect of their routine.

For example, if you see them complaining about having cold hands most probably they already have Covid or had lost a loved one.

You notice their behavior and attitude toward others and you realize how they treat anyone who comes close to them.

As I said earlier, people are also emotional, therefore most of the time they do not be logical in their thinking at all. Mostly we are just reacting.

People nowadays, especially young adults today, tend to choose comfort over innovation. Even though they would like to invent something innovative and cool, they would rather keep things the same old way.

For instance, older generations and children still prefer to use cars like before, which is quite inefficient. With this kind of habit, you can also conclude that there is a lack of self-awareness and a lot of people lack comprehension in young children.

We are programmed to follow our instincts for instant gratification. Our behavior may turn out to be dysfunctional as well as harmful.

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Technology plays a major role in keeping the world progressing

This is not to discredit innovations and inventions. Technology plays a major role in keeping the world progressing. Unfortunately, without proper education or training on new technology, most of the population cannot apply it in day-to-day life.

Not only does this affect the safety of other people, also increases pollution levels. New technologies help the ability to overcome obstacles previously impossible to solve by simple science.

On top of it, some of today’s discoveries are yet to be fully understood and implemented, thus creating new challenges and making life extremely complicated. To end with, social change brings both good and bad.

It helps and harms people at the same time and, it is ultimately dependent on how you perceive it. You have to give it a chance to impact your life positively or negatively.

Nothing is free. You must be willing to learn from history as well as the mistakes done. Let us now move forward and embrace the idea of accepting social change.



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